A lot of of my older close friends who’re keen on getting the advantages of Hand Held Shower Head filters often question me whether it is one thing they might do for them selves or if they should get a plumber in to assist them with. My reply is usually that there is no need to get yourself a plumber in to assist you with these types of a small occupation. Irrespective of whether you happen to be 16 or sixty one – you will be capable to put in a handheld shower filter without the need of any fuss given that you comply with some straightforward policies and many straightforward ways.

The Instruments And Tools You will require:

A Shower Filter
A Shower by having an current hand-held head & hose
A new hose (optional – but sometimes it’s nice to have a new one as mould can grow in the crevices of the old one).


Make sure that your shower filter is clean and completely dry.
Make sure that the pipe you are attaching the filter to is completely dry.
Ensure that your shower is dry as well, don’t put in your filter just after a shower or if the floor is wet when you may slip and hurt yourself. So please ensure your area is completely dry before putting in.

Steps Involved

These types of filters are probably the easiest to set up.

They are often fixed onto the end of metal or plastic hoses.

The fittings on the shower hoses are generally 1.5 Inch BSP (British Standard Pipe) thread size. These sizes are pretty much standard throughout the world, from Asia, America, Europe and even Australia. So even though the standard is called BSP – the thread size is 1.5 Inch.

Simply remove your present hand held shower head from the end of the shower hose by turning the whole handheld shower head body in an anti-clock wise direction until the head comes away from the hose.

Remember to tilt the head upwards, as there will probably be residual water in the hose. So that when you remove the shower head water does not splash all over you.